Form follows function.

The adage advises us to direct attention and energy to the way something works or doesn't work prior to giving consideration to how it looks. All to often, restaurateurs expend the majority of their time fixated upon the aesthetic of a dining concept with little or no regard for how a space may work for or against them.


Just as a restaurateur needs a strong business plan to attract capital, he/she must also possess a comprehensive, conceptual, design plan prior to pursuing any aspect of the build out endeavor. Capital for a food and beverage concept is necessary. How that capital is deployed is vital. A solid design plan is the most important portion of any restaurant investment. Returns can be significant with appropriate design and execution. A great design not only simplifies the construction process, it also allows a restaurant to operate efficiently becoming more enjoyable for patrons, staff and owners.

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For many owners, the creation and execution of a concept can be a daunting task. B. Russo designs guides you through the process every step of the way. We can augment any existing ideas or create a new theme which may satisfy a currently unmet demand. Additionally, B. Russo Designs are experts in identifying the best location for an asset and we are always present with clients during the lease or acquisition process.


Utilizing the latest CAD software, B. Russo Designs can bring a concept to life from the blueprint layout to a complete virtual walkthrough. The end result is a space that both aesthetically pleases and efficiently operates, faithful to its concept.


Our principal, Bruce Russo, is a third generation builder who brings over 40 years experience in the construction business who has designed and built over 280 restaurants nationwide. Bruce also has developed strong relationships with the industry's equipment providers, material suppliers and craftsmen. This professional dynamic ensures that the project is expeditiously completed in a manner that exceeds not only industry standards, but client expectations as well.